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In all THRIVE MAGICAL YOGA practices you are invited to move gently and to rediscover, and to awaken the energy in yourself. It’s always about feeling more alive and fulfilled. It is an exploration of practical tools, movement, embodiments, and community! Together we can do it.

You always wanted to start with yoga but...


"I am not flexible, strong, and calm enough to take a yoga class."

We always offer modifications to make everything accessible and doable for our students. Everything is taught in a way that you can move as far into a posture as YOU need. Accepting our limits is one of our most important messages.

Health Issues

"I suffer from chronic health issues and am always tired."

Yoga offers successful and complementary healing in the treatment of chronic pain, addictions, mood disorders, and even lessens the severity of some symptoms of cancer and some side effects that arise from these treatments.


"I don’t have enough time, my life is too busy."

Do you ever get that feeling that you are being pulled in a million directions until you feel like you have lost your center, your essence, and your being?  Making time for ourselves is not always easy but it is absolutely necessary.

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about thrive magical yoga:

"I have been going to Daniela’s yoga classes for the last year and a half. I am 58 years old, an elementary music teacher, have had 2 knee replacements and am always trying to be healthier! Daniela is flexible in her teaching for all levels and needs. She emphasizes that yoga should not hurt and that class is a time for each of us to get what we need. I appreciate her advice during class to let the worries go and focus on this moment! Daniela and her classes have made such a positive impact on my life. I am truly grateful!"

about thrive magical yoga:

"After a class with Daniela I feel realigned and relaxed. She is a natural teacher with a depth of knowledge and experience. Her class is how I reset and find balance in my life."

about thrive magical yoga:

"I look forward to Daniela’s classes every week. She has a wonderful way about her and is an incredibly calming person. Daniela makes everyone feel welcome. She gives carefully guided instruction. I find a great feeling of release and relaxation after attending a class with Daniela."

about thrive magical yoga:

"I'd like to thank you so much for the healing class on Saturday. It gave me a peace & comfort that I haven't felt in months. I fell asleep at 8:30 on the sofa & woke two hours later & went to bed & SLEPT uninterrupted for almost 5 hours!!! Sleep has been elusive & 2-3 hours/night has been my maximum. I wish I'd seen this message before the class because a cup of tea & a bit of reflection would have been nice."

about thrive magical yoga:

"I have been attending yoga classes with Daniela for a number of years….lucky me! Her wellness program is exactly that! Each time I leave class I feel as if I have had a total body massage; I feel well. I am amazed at how all-encompassing her classes are, regardless of individual level of yoga practice. From beginner to experienced, she seamlessly adapts movements or positions to fit each person’s need. She also instills in her students’ practical skills to carry forward from each class. I have come to understand that a large part of Daniela’s success as a teacher is her personal sensitivity and love for helping, inspiring, respecting and celebrating all who join her. Daniela is a breath of fresh air and I feel so fortunate to be able to share these experiences with her."

about thrive magical yoga:

"I’ve been taking Wellness Yoga with Daniela for almost 10 years. She is by-far the best yoga instructor I’ve encountered. She knows exactly how to describe the positions and explain the benefits of each one so during class we actually reap the full rewards of yoga movement and breath. Her classes are simply top notch!"

What you will get in the free Membership

Don't practice yoga to get better at yoga,
practice yoga to get better in living.

About Thrive Magical Yoga

My yoga journey started in 1992 in Austria, where I am originally from. For more than two decades I have been a student and teacher of yoga for people of all ages and fitness levels, including children.

One of my greatest talents is to create a safe and a healing environment. Everyone is welcome in my classes. I invite inquiry and the opportunity for my students to be receptive to the needs of the moment – noticing body, mind and breath as an avenue to their own inner wisdom. My classes are cohesive, energy-balancing, and welcoming to everyone. I am planning to be a lifelong student and teacher of yoga always learning, studying and exploring new things.

My biggest strengths are to inspire and to empower people going through life transitions with spiritual wisdom and practical tools to make life richer, easier, and more meaningful. I am known for my loving energy, playfulness, and dedication in helping people to become more aligned, more balanced, and more wholesome.

With gratitude and love,


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