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Do you want to stay healthy, more energized,
and reduce chronic aches and pains?


All of our sessions are wonderful practices to support you physically and emotionally on your day to day activities. Our community is a safe space that will help you rediscover yourself and move you through your daily life with more confidence and balance. No matter what your age or what life has dealt you, you are worthy of owning your radiance.


Our membership is for you if you want to be in love with life more than ever before because you are simply feeling amazing. We offer three different online membership options that are designed to support you and embody your ageless wisdom and to keep your body’s self-healing abilities going.


Every week you can join us live on zoom for three very specific gentle and mindful yoga practices. No worries if you miss us live! All sessions will be recorded and posted for you in our on-demand library, so that you don’t have to miss anything!

means to prosper, to flourish, to grow, and to process well
means beautiful or delightful, a magical transformation!
YOGA means to unite body, mind, and soul

In all THRIVE MAGICAL YOGA practices you are invited to move gently and to rediscover, and to awaken the energy in yourself. It’s always about feeling more alive and fulfilled. It is an exploration of practical tools, movement, embodiments, and community! Together we can do it.


Yoga Live Classroom

Welcome to our Virtual Holistic Yoga Studio! Your journey begins here. Holistic yoga is magical. Change your entire state of being, both physically and mentally and address all personal issues you are dealing with. Find and become your very best true self!

On-Demand Membership

Is your time very limited? Is it hard to set some time away for yourself? Let me motivate and inspire you with some gentle and mindful yoga practices that will definitively help you to access your inner wisdom and allow you to become your best self.

Short & Sweet

Busy life? No problem? Jump into one of our short and sweet sessions and rebuild your wellness. If you are bogged down with work and daily life activities, take some deep breaths and move for only a short but sweet period of time to sweat, laugh, reconnect to yourself and be set free!

28 Day Yoga Challenge

Because it takes about three weeks to form a habit and forming a new routine to have a much better life quality I will teach a daily 30-minute live yoga session for 28 days in a row.

Join Thrive Magical Yoga and practice live virtual Yoga from the comfort of your home and from wherever you are.


For members only

Gentle Yoga Flow

focus of this practice is to lengthen and to strengthen your body and your mind.

Tuesday Morning
Live on Zoom 9:00am-10:00am

Eastern Standard Time (United States)

Mindful Yoga Flow

focus of this practice is to change the energy in our bodies and to lift our mood.

Friday Morning
Live on Zoom 9:00am-10:00am

Eastern Standard Time (United States)

Wellness Yoga

Ends with a 15 minute guided relaxation medidation,
focus of this practice is learning new tools and techniques to feel better and more balanced.

Sunday Morning
Live on Zoom 10:30am-11:45am

Eastern Standard Time (United States)

Please remember that all live sessions will be recorded and are waiting for you in your ON-DEMAND-LIBRARY for two months.

This is part of your membership! This way you can practice at any time of your convenience and from wherever you are! Almost half of our members practice yoga this way.

Become a Member

By committing to a regular yoga practice, you will stay healthier, happier, and definitively more centered. As we get older we NEED to keep moving in order to feel good, to lessen our aches and pains, to keep our balance, and to keep our energy levels up.


Who am I?

My yoga journey started in 1992 in Austria, where I am originally from. For more than two decades I have been a student and teacher of yoga for people of all ages and fitness levels, including children.

One of my greatest talents is to create a safe and a healing environment. Everyone is welcome in my classes. I invite inquiry and the opportunity for my students to be receptive to the needs of the moment – noticing body, mind and breath as an avenue to their own inner wisdom. My classes are cohesive, energy-balancing, and welcoming to everyone. I am planning to be a lifelong student and teacher of yoga always learning, studying and exploring new things.

My biggest strengths are to inspire and to empower people going through life transitions with spiritual wisdom and practical tools to make life richer, easier, and more meaningful. I am known for my loving energy, playfulness, and dedication in helping people to become more aligned, more balanced, and more wholesome.

What I offer

For many years I studied, practiced, and taught the following styles of yoga:

Since 2018 I started offering Functional Fitness and Yoga which is a big new highlight.
I am also a REIKI MASTER.

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